Complete Stone Solutions for Your Edmonton Home

We are suppliers of only the finest granite and stone countertops and flooring for Edmonton and all of Alberta. We have built a solid reputation through word of mouth referral as a high quality producer and provider of stone products all over Western Canada. Our skilled craftsmen help us complete our commitment to customer satisfaction. We know that behind any significant building or renovation project, there exists a great idea, a concept that deserves the lasting tribute of natural stone. It is our responsibility to nurture and enhance this idea.

Enhance Your Home’s Elegance with Stone
Adding granite stone to your home adds unparalleled elegance and value. At Western Marble Craft we specialize in helping our clients select stone accents for their homes. We offer all types of stone tiles, sinks, and inlays that enhance a home’s natural beauty with vibrant ornamentation. Our friendly staff can help you select the perfect granite countertop for your kitchen or help you design an elegant stone tile floor for almost any room in your home.
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